How To know the product you buy is organic?

Organic products trending all over but how to know what you get is actually organic or not!


Why substituting whole milk with Almond or Soy milk is not a good idea?

As the concerns about lactose intolerance and milk allergies have been widening, which has led to people looking for different options. These days there are so many alternatives to the normal cow milk (goat milk, camel milk) and, a range of substitute milk, such as almond and soy milk that has been gaining quite a popularity. Photo…

Everyday simple and easy healthy habits

Everyone around is so busy – work, family, kids, social life, travel and what not! We hardly have time for ourselves and with such a busy life, we also wish to be healthy and fit.. However, The path to healthy living doesn’t involve sudden, drastic changes. Being healthy isn’t a one day job. It requires…