How to style gingham pants for a casual day look.

Gingham pants lookbook for a casual day outings. Gingham prints are the classic trend that can make you look casual or cool and can be carried in formal way too!


Favorite skin care products for summer!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! Weather here in Seattle is quite good so far. I am already excited for summer to arrive! Well, sometimes it does get really uncomfortable during the peak summer days. Summer brings special challenges for skin as you want to be outdoors most of the time. Heat and humidity…

Basic skincare routine for healthy skin

Around a year back, I had a really bad cystic acne that just made me look horrible, and even when they cleared up I’d be left with the red marks and scars. Every day a new acne would pop up, so I decided to go see a doctor – was prescribed antibiotics for 2 weeks…