Being comfortable and confident in what you wear is fashion!

Are you kinda person who loves to wear comfortable outfits more than anything else? I honestly like to wear something I am comfortable in. Which makes sense – wearing something you have to be worried about all the time can bring a kind of discomfort and can knock down your confidence. Let me give you a clear picture of what I am trying to say!  If I wear sneakers to the office but then I am worried about it being too casual in office then, those sneakers are not comfortable to me, regardless of how good it feels to my feet. Confidence is if I don’t care whether I look too casual in the office or not.D3AA4438-94BE-4B73-AA82-3A6FBDD7269F.jpg

Being stylish doesn’t mean following all the latest fashion trends. Just be confident in what you wear and know your personal style. Personal style is something that each of us has, we just have to identify it, understand it, and then live it. When you find your personal style you know you look great and feel confident when you leave your home

Black blazer, striped top, fitted jeans and black heels: perfect for any event or a night out!

I am gonna share few outfits that I loved wearing, these are easy to go outfits with a nip of casual touch. So if you are ready to plunge onto my favorite looks, let’s get started.

Pinstripe shorts paired with solid tee
A black trouser with printed shirt
Printed loose top with a shorts , Perfect comfy look for a long day outing.
Yess! Blue is my favorite.
DSC_0186 (2).JPG
A nice printed dress with white sneakers and you are good to go!
A Sundress paired with denim vest gives a more cool look.

Classic white topA white top or any solid color basic top is one of the most easy-to-wear pieces in your closet. It’s versatile and can be as low-key or as edgy as you make it. I paired this white top with printed shorts, these printed and fun-looking shorts are a must-have for summer days. You can simply wear this with any solid color top or tank.DSC_0736


A perfect knee-length dress: Just perfect for a good evening outing or a night out. Pair it with a good pair of heels and you are good to go..

DSC_0395 (2).jpgDSC_0397 (2).jpg

Black jeans with a sleeveless top: Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for both men and women across the globe. Just about any tank or floral top goes with your black jeans. I paired it with a sleeveless lace top and it looked perfect


Denim shorts with tank top: When it’s summer, one of the key outfits of a summer wardrobe is a well fitted shorts. I wore a blue tank top with a work detail in front with this shorts. Simple and polished look perfect for summer times.


Red sheath dress: I paired it with black flats and a wrist watch to keep it simple during the day. Perfectly transforms from day to night look with the addition of statement jewelry and a change of shoes.


Hope you guys liked my post. Would appreciate your honest views and comments about my post.

Will come-up soon with something new to share with you all. Until then be happy and spread happiness.. 🙂 🙂

25 thoughts on “Being comfortable and confident in what you wear is fashion!

  1. Great post, I totally get your perspective on the sneakers example. We think one way but our subconscious is thinking another way! It’s soo true!! If we’re not confident all round then we’re not comfy! 🙌🏾👌🏾💛

  2. “….Being stylish doesn’t mean following all the latest fashion trends. Just be confident in what you wear and know your personal style…..” I’ve been most struck by this, Mishra….just as always! Thank you honey for highlighting and re-emphasizing it.

    You look so divine, in all those pieces, just so you know.

    Much love.

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