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There are certain must-have closet pieces that every woman needs to own, to make getting dressed easier, trendy and more fashionable. A blazer is absolutely one of those clothing staples that’s versatile, easy to style and it’s a perfect layering piece that will make you look put together. A blazer can instantly add elegance to your look, this staple piece can easily be combined with numerous outfits from casual to formal. Blazers can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to make you stand out from the crowd.









Cool and comfortable look

Blazers have the ability to instantly change the tone of your outfit to perfectly suit any occasion. It depends on the style of the blazer, and what you’re wearing with it. One of my favourite ways to wear a blazer for a more casual and easy look is to style it over a graphic or any simple T-shirt paired with distressed jeans. If there is one look what fits us all, then it’s a combo of jeans and tee. You are free to style with shorts, skinny jeans, skirts, or pants. It’s so cool to style a simple blazer in so many ways by just mix and match of different outfits.






Transform your look from casual to classy

Wear a blazer, slim fit or mom Jean’s, any printed top and high heels.. This outfit looks simple, yet eye-catchy. Whatever you wear, just throw in a blazer to add a sleek finishing touch while maintaining an element of edgy chic.




Blazer over a dress, jumpsuit or romper 





A black blazer can go perfectly with any outfit to give a classy touch

Black blazers are classic pieces. You can easily wear it for business meetings, interviews, brunches, uber chic parties, and casual meetings. A black blazer over a white tee paired with blue ankle jeans and leopard print loafers just is perfect for an easy casual look.

No matter what is your age or body shape, there are awesome black blazers for everyone. I’m a huge fan of mixing colours, textures, and prints up when it comes to putting outfits together. So, here I have styled printed pants with a white semi-sheer top paired with a black blazer. This look can get to a next level with a change in footwear by adding a black glossy pointed-toe pump or a strappy heel sandal..




When in doubt wear red

Go monochrome with black or any colour of your choice that could go with red. All you need is to add a bright red blazer over a solid colour or any simple outfit. A simple red blazer can make a big difference to your overall look by adding a pop of colour and style.



Throw a blazer over any bodycon dress to add a structure to your outfit




Wear a more oversize blazer over your bodycon dress and add a nice belt to accentuate your waistline. This look can get you all rocking in style with something fresh and bright.


Keep it chic and fresh

You can try on white structured blazer and style it with a black lace cami tucked in skinny jeans or over a skirt. It’s such a cute look and it’s really fun to accessorize with colourful accessories to make a statement.


For a casual look, a White blazer worn over light-grey tee tucked in black or blue skinny jeans will look fabulous on anyone. Complete the look by adding your favourite handbag, statement neckpiece, and high heel pumps.







Office going look

When it comes to dressing for the office, you look for an outfit that’s formal. Dressing up for work is a real challenge because you want to look both professional and fashionable. Wearing different shades of one colour from head to toe is a cool way to style for a formal look.







I love styling Blazer and I feel that they can pull any outfit together. What’s your take on styling blazers apart from the business look? Would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Stay Happy, Healthy and Blessed!

24 thoughts on “Ways To Style A Blazer – WhyToStop!

  1. Gee, your style is so sleek! I remember I have that same gray checkered blazer that you’re wearing. Never did I imagine that it could go well with a coral top!

  2. So true, Rachna. I can be wearing the most casual of outfits – jeans and a tee. Just adding a blazer makes me feel businesslike, competent and ready for almost anything.

  3. I love a bright red blazer with a white or ivory shirt and a long printed skirt (a better look for those of us who can’t rock skinny jeans the way you can!) . You are showing us loosely fitted probably unlined blazers in light fabrics; there is a whole different look if you have a traditional tailored blazer in a wool fabric. Both go great to pick up jeans and a tee to a more formal level.

  4. I particularly love the red blazer in particular and the cream one as well!! I love blazers and they are always a wonderful option to change the look of an outfit!! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏 donnadoesdresses.com

  5. You have an amazing style! your outfits are so easy and trendy with a casual touch making it comfortable to wear. I loved all your styles and the green blazer with green shirt is my favorite. keep inspiring us with your great styles..

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