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It’s been around 3 months of my blog and I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce myself.  Also, now I am more comfortable in opening up and sharing my personal facts with you all. Thanks for being so supportive and helping me gain the confidence to be open with you all! I love this blogging community.






My name is Rachna. I am married, mom of a 2-year lovely daughter. I live in Seattle, Washington. Sharing with you all some facts about me.

  • I am an Indian by origin.
  • I am an engineer by profession and presently loving to be a stay at home mom.
  • I had a typical arranged marriage and it has been the best decision of my life.
  • I have a strong sweet tooth.
  • I like cooking and trying out new dishes excites me!
  • I am a big foodie. When it comes to yummy food, I hardly care about the calories.
  • I believe in fate. Everything happens for a reason is what I believe in!
  • I like dressing casually, love doing makeup.
  • My favorite color is all shades of blue. Also, I like mustard yellow and grey.
  • Romantic, thriller and real-life based movies are genres that I like watching
  • Happiness to me is being around my favorite people, my family n friends, yummy food and controlled weight.
  • People with a negative attitude, superiority complex and complicated nature are the annoying ones to me.
  • If I don’t like someone then I just distance myself from them over a period of time.
  • I believe that being around good people reflects on you. Stay away from toxic people.
  • I have never drunk or smoked in my life(just it didn’t excite me. so, no offense to people who do it!)
  • I am not a tea or coffee addict. I occasionally have Tea on weekends.
  • I love taking long walks.
  • I am very bad at remembering dates(Birthdays, anniversaries). I hope to get on it soon!
  • I am an extrovert and very expressive of my emotions.
  • I like to express what I feel but I won’t open up on  something I dislike except for my husband, parents and my best friend (they love me no matter what!)
  • I believe in family values and traditions.

This blog is all about my personal take on fashion, beauty, travel experiences, health, things I love and general life improvement based topics. My Instagram @thatsmyside is all about fashion, food, Self-care, product reviews, beauty, health & fitness, motherhood, and so much more..  Blogging has been the best thing for me, it has given a new perspective to my life and I enjoy being here. Reading the wonderful blogs of your people really motivates me. I get to know so many new things every day through your blogs and interacting with you all!


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Off late, I have not been very consistent with my posts. My little daughter is very possessive of her mom to be busy on a laptop or phone. She turned two the last week and now she is a bigg girl(that’s what she says), quite naughty, sweet and very talkative.. I love spending time with her- playing, singing songs, going on a walk, dressing her, cuddling, hugging..just everything..she is happiness!. It’s so much fun to be with her. Soon, with the time passing by so rapidly, she will grow up and get busy in her life..that’s what it’s meant to be!… So, trying to make the most with her. I have realized the importance of time ‘Time is money’ ..Yess.. definitely true for me..!






I could keep going and going but enough of me for the time being. I hope, you all didn’t get bored. I would like to thank you all for being so kind. I would love to know what you guys found interesting about me through this post. It’s totally fine if there’s nothing …  let’s get real. LOL! You guys are awesome and please keep supporting each other. Thanks!

Stay happy and motivated.

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138 thoughts on “About Me – Seattle Blogger |Seattle Lifestyle Blogger | Seattle Fashion Blogger | Visit Seattle | Fashion Blogger | Seattle Indians | Seattle Food Blogger | PNW Blogger | Mommy Blogger | Stay At Home Mom

  1. Even though I was born in Asia I went to Dutch schools, so culture wise I see myself as Western. Thanks for coming by my blog,
    which started about telling about my art. Even though I’ve traveled much, I like my off-road living now so I can paint humongous paintings.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your relaxed and open post about yourself and your family.
    Having a purpose in life is one of tbe key factors in a full and loving life.From your post you definately have this.
    However remember you have to get the balance right between family work and time for you.
    I am sure you will have no problem juggling all the balls.

  3. Hello Rachna truly heart touching …. I can see some of my resemblance in uu .. fine iam not married .. it’s good to read ur blog and even this makes us motivated and brings some positivity .. it makes me feel that life can be more better …and it can gift us a lot . than we expect ..😍😎

  4. Interesting that you are an engineer. Your baby girl is darling. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I am a mom of 7 grown children and grandma to 24! My blog is about poetry and photography.

  5. Thank you for sharing!… you have a lovely family and I am sure happiness will follow your family as you follow your dreams…. 🙂

    “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”
    – Douglas H. Everett

  6. Loved this post Rachna, I have to agree with you on distancing myself from the toxic people. OMG 😲 your daughters two already! Congrats 🎉 to the birthday girl and to you as well!! 😁

  7. Hey! Rachna its good to meet you would like to join you on insta n FB as well💞😘

  8. I liked reading this post..It’s really good to know more about you..Your seem to be a positive person with great thought process.. You have a beautiful family..

  9. Hi Rachna, I enjoyed your post! It’s very nice to learn about you. Your daughter is adorable, I wish we were in the same town for my son to have another playmate 😊 I think it’s great that you are able to be a stay at home mom. Do you plan to go back to work in the same field on the future? I’m an introvert and I love coffee so I think we’d get along as

    1. Aweee… you are such a sweetheart..where do you live? I am glad that we Atleast have a source of connection and who knows, someday we could meet.. lots of love to you dear,,😊

  10. Thanks for sharing. Little ones are so precious, can’t blame you for enjoying being a stay at home Mom. We are spending the weekend with our 2 little boys (31 and 28 years old) and their wives. We never see them enough, so this is a real treat. Enjoy your time together. Allan

  11. I liked the post. Lol I thought you were still in college.😂😂
    Good for you. Your daughter is sweet. Where are you from? I mean which state?

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