Blogging Milestone #2: Thank you for 1000+ followers!

20180903_012132.jpgAm I happy?? Oh, yes…yess..yess! I’m so very excited, happy, grateful and blessed to have crossed  1000 followers on my blog. To be honest! When I first started this blog 4 months back, getting those many followers was like a dream. I would see a huge amount of followers on other peoples blog and would wish for my blog to get to that level. It’s a great feeling to know that 1000 actual people are interested in this blog. I still am not sure of how good I am at this blogging thing but I love this space. I try so hard to be consistent with my posts but posting even once a week gets hard sometimes – lack of time, shortage of ideas! Could be both but all I know is with every post there is a lot of dedication, to write something worthy of your time. And, what do I say?! You guys have been awesome!  This blog wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Thank You to each and every one of you who follows my blog, likes my posts, interacts with me, appreciate my ideas and anyone reading this post. THANK YOU!DSC_2153Thank you for all the love, support, and blessings that you all have showered on me. It makes me happy that, there are people who think my blog is worth following, are interested in my posts and take their precious time to give some feedback. You guys have helped me grow and maintain the conviction to keep growing. I love interacting and learning from all of you. Thank you again for being a part of my blogging journey. I really am going crazy! Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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Stay Happy, Healthy and Spread love!


110 thoughts on “Blogging Milestone #2: Thank you for 1000+ followers!

  1. Oh my shattered nerves… thats so cool and im so proud of you 💕💥 its such good news. Maybe one day I’ll get there too. Keep up the great work

  2. That’s amazing! Congratulations. You have a certain way of communicating that draws people and you come across as so personable. Excellent posts and caring for others through your words. 🙂

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