Embrace Fall Style With Unique Wood Watches – Jord watch.

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Simple outfits that are classy and easy, is my style. Fall is the season where you can wear lots of colorful clothes. Layer bright sweaters, perfect makeups, and accessories… OMG, It’s really exciting!. .Although, I’m missing summer already and the weather in Seattle is most of the times gloomy or rainy except for summer. I love Seattle! If you have been here or living here, You know! Seattle is beautiful and when you get sunny days during Autumn, nothing more one can ask for!! When you can dress pretty casually, and the weather is not too cold or too hot outside – perfect! Autumn brings in the excitement with the changing weather, fall colors, holidays, festivals and transition in your wardrobe from summer to winter clothes. Autumn fashion is all about layering, shirts, scarves, jackets, denim, sweaters, boots and watches. I love pairing my outfits with a watch and you will hardly find me dressy without a watch on my wrist. Watch is my all-time favorite accessories. And, I could not be happier to add this one to my collection – The JORD watch. I was so excited to receive a wood watch because it’s a timeless piece with a unique touch and classy look, perfect for any occasion.



Jord watches are a must-have staple piece that will compliment any style. Their minimalist while the classic design is such a perfect match for any look and the wooden material adds to the unique touch! The quality, as well as the look of the watch, speaks for itself.

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Fall is about the staples— the BEST time for fashion [at least in my personal opinion]. From boots to cardigans to leggings, cozy sweaters, adorable jackets, gorgeous accessories etc, etc, I just can’t get enough. Although, the weather in fall is unpredictable( Seattle’s weather sure is!); rainy, windy and often sunny! We have to style according to the weather- Layering with something warm when chilly outside, light jackets when rainy and plaid shirts, tee, knitwear, sweaters for sunny days. .. Talking about the accessories; This Jord watch is definitely going to be on repeat throughout the season and even afterward..

Jord watches have the modern look and the coolness factor of a fashionable watch, with a beautiful finish. The fact that it’s made of wood and still so lightweight on your wrist is something remarkable.

Totally impressed with the packaging. Look how beautiful it is!


I was so impressed with the packing of the watch. The watch comes in a beautiful, sturdy wooden case, with a little drawer, extra watch links, a wood preserving pen, and a cleaning cloth to keep your watch looking shiny and new for long.

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When the weather is sunny in October.

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JORD’s watches are so versatile and unique and I love the one that I picked out. The watch I am wearing is from the CASSIA series, I chose the Walnut & Vintage Rose which you can see more details of here. The simplicity of this watch makes a statement on its own while easily being able to compliment any outfit. There are so many different options available on their site for both Men and Women. Check out their website to find the one that fits your taste and style. A Jord Wood Watch would make a fabulous holiday gift that’s one of a kind – functional and stylish. Also, they do engraving too! So you can customize your watch with a sweet message. And what’s better than a personalized gift?!

** This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own.

40 thoughts on “Embrace Fall Style With Unique Wood Watches – Jord watch.

  1. Wood watches are so neat! I also have a JORD watch and love it! They make such a great statement.

  2. Ooh I absolutely love the wooden style of this watch! Really makes it stand out and so perfect for fall outfits!

  3. I’ve been seeing wood watches more lately and I am definitely a fan. I love wood ANYTHING, its just such a natural element that contracts and expands and I’m sure it would allow your wrist to breathe. These watches are fabulous.

  4. That watches is so pretty and it looks a perfect gift to give on this coming Christmas and hope to receive that also on that day. Hahaha!

  5. Blue is not ny favorite color but the blue jacket you have on is very pretty. I could definitely see myself wearing it.

  6. Oh wow, This is my first time hearing this. I love how unique this watch is. This is something that my husband would really love.

  7. Oh, I love Jord watches. I always wanted to buy this and I have heard a lot about this before and been looking for this one.

  8. I’ve never heard of this brand, but your in-depth review made me interested. Seems like an affordable option for quality watch.

  9. The watch looks beautiful and it’s perfect for an autumn outfit indeed. I would like to have a watch like this for myself really.

  10. We did not have much of a fall this year-but I do love the crisp weather and the warm cozy sweaters that you will always find me wearing. I used to wear a watch everyday but since I am now semi retired–I don’t! The Jord watches are exceptionally beautiful!

  11. I do love every outfit that you shared with us and they are all beautiful and I also love the pretty watches and it looks like a perfect gift to give to my mom.

  12. The watch looks so pretty babe and love each and every way you have styled it. Great packaging and incredible style, definitely a perfect gift for the holiday season.

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