Learn to build confidence, conquer your fear and self-doubt.


Self-doubt is the most common reason why people fail. And with more doubt comes more negative thoughts. And more negative thoughts can quickly become a part of our personality.

A successful person is someone who experiences challenges and accepts failure and unhappiness as a part of life. Having a healthy sense of self-worth means you are a well-balanced person neither too sensitive to criticism, not too dependent on praise. But not everyone has that inner confidence and self-esteem. Most of us cope with self-doubt once in a while, even successful personalities do.. Talking about confidence, it took me almost 2 years to get the courage to start this blog… I kept this blog hidden from my family members and most of the people who knew me for quite a long.. It was all based on the fear of people judging me.. Fear of failure.. But then people actually seemed to read what I wrote, which was weird and totally thrilling. So, the point is, it’s all in our head.. We are capable of doing whatever we want- Confidence and dedication is the key!

A little self-doubt is okay.. it’s normal and healthy. It helps us to be grounded and stay real… But, when a person suffers from a low self- worth, nothing is ever enough for them. They are insecure, in constant need of approval and admiration. Their sense of self-worth is not internal but depends on what others think.


At some point in life we all experience fear and self-doubt but the willingness to keep moving is what makes the difference. Time and time again our inner self-doubt makes us question our capability and keeps us away from taking action when the right opportunity comes up. Just be confident and say Yes to the opportunity. It’s all about accepting the challenges, being courageous to take action and committing to do whatever it takes to make it happen!

Avoid fear-based decision making. Don’t let your fear or worries dictate your action. You love to do something but you won’t do it because of the fear of people judging you. Chase your dream and do what you like to do.

You need to accept who you are and not who you think you’re supposed to be. This also means that you need to accept your good qualities and your bad ones. And yes, everyone has both good and bad qualities. We all have flaws. It is a part of what makes us human. Be truthful and real with yourself.

When you have self-doubt, it reflects in your choices..We may be afraid to fail, afraid to look bad, afraid to take on more than we think we can handle. And, this fear leads to escape.. We become adept at making a lot of excuses for why an opportunity that presents itself isn’t a good fit. Never let go of an opportunity that could bring a positive change in your life or career, just because you feel that you won’t be a fit is a big mistake. You have to taste it, to know it!

Take your decisions: When you start doubting yourself to the point that you start making decisions based on what others want, not what you wanted for yourself. It’s when you start constantly struggling with confidence and always second-guessing yourself. . Just follow what works for you and do what makes you feel good, even if it is different from what someone else you look upon would do.. Just be in charge of your actions..The more you do something you like, the more confident you’ll feel.


Pause and reconnect with yourself. Sometimes shifting our focus away from what we are stuck on helps us take a new perspective when we get back to it.

Believe that you can do anything because you can. You can deal with any challenge that comes your way. Remember, you’ve already survived those difficult phases you’ve experienced in your life. Allow yourself to screw up and fail. Learn from it, be better the next time, and move on.

Be in a circle of good people: Those we habitually spend time with can have a profound effect on us, whether we are aware of it or not. I can definitely tell you from my experience that the kind of people you’re surrounded with can make or break you. (All about toxic people and relationships HERE!) I am more happy, productive and positive when I cut myself from those negative and toxic people from my life.

Who do you spend the most time with? What effect do they have on you? When you spend time with them, do you walk away feeling better about yourself or worse? Ask these questions to yourself and try to keep a distance with those negative minded people. Thank me later! lol!

Talk to your close ones: We get so lost in our heads that it’s difficult to separate our thoughts and emotions, to see things clearly. Talking through these issues with another person — a friend, spouse, co-worker or anyone close to you who is matured and makes sense — can help you to understand yourself better.

Gratitude. Times when you feel very low, think about what you’re grateful for. Include things about yourself. Experience and express gratitude for how far you’ve come, even if it all didn’t go as planned. Take time each day to remember accomplishments, even small ones. It can be easy to focus on what you didn’t win or accomplish. But don’t overlook all that you did.

Be kind to yourself. It’s time to accept the fact that no one judges you more than you judge yourself. Of course! There are a few people who love judging and making statements on others but to let you know… That’s all because they are insecure and not satisfied with what they have or doing in their life. Ignore them, be patient with yourself, and accept your flaws. When something doesn’t go right, try to keep your emotions in balance. Don’t be cold-hearted toward yourself, and remember that imperfection is a part of our shared human experience.


Worrying about what other people think of you will continue to hold you back from doing something potentially huge for yourself.

Don’t lose your voice. Seeking others’ input and advice is really good. However, if you are in the habit of continuously asking others what they think before making your decisions on important matters, you might be weakening your faith in yourself Take some advice, but at some point, make a decision on what feels right to you.

If something offends you, stop and ask yourself why you’re offended. Chances are people don’t want to hurt you, to begin with, but they might not know how to communicate effectively either. Don’t take things personally based on your assumptions.

Try new things. As you keep pushing yourself to try new things, you’ll start to truly understand how failure and mistakes lead to growth. It’s in our failures, that make us learn the most about ourselves. The more you push yourself, the more you’ll realize what you are capable of.

Comparing yourself to others wastes time and energy. There will always be someone who appears to be doing better, getting further or having more. Do not benchmark yourself against others’ accomplishments and possessions.

Keep your expectations real. Fear of not meeting your expectations is what creates a self- doubt and lack of confidence. Keep your expectations practical and real to achieve. You should try to be positive and should have the courage to accept yourself for what you are capable of doing and also your limitations!

Do not fear challenges, stand up for what you believe, and have the courage to admit your limitations.


Self-doubt is a very human response to all the challenges life throws your way. However, it doesn’t have to stop you from overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals. To build self-confidence and overcome self-doubt is to change how we feel about ourselves, trust our capabilities and know our strength. Do not let fear or self-doubt dictate how you lead your personal life.




37 thoughts on “Learn to build confidence, conquer your fear and self-doubt.

  1. Thank you for this article, I can relate so much! I recently started a blog called searchingforconfidence.wordpress.com and you taking a quick look would mean a lot! Kindest regards

  2. Very important message. Comparing yourself to others is detrimental to one’s self esteem. It’s very important to only compare ourselves to the person we want to become.

  3. I loved your post dear, and the outfits too, you seems to be like a very secure woman. Like you said we all suffer of insecurities at some point in life, for me, the most important ingredient is to learn how to grow and overcome those insecurities 🥰

  4. Image in a form can higher ones self-esteem yes no doubt, but it’s goes deeper than that, ones should feel confidence in whatever they wear without feeling fear that no one will accept them without makeup or latest fashion, ones have to work to develop self-assurance and self-confidence. I highly appreciated if you check out my blog it’s motivational and inspirational follower and likes help new bloggers.

    1. Thank you so so so much for your kind words of appreciaton.. means a lot to me.. Iloved your blog.. all your posts are just so meaningful..

  5. I have had low self esteem most of my life and certainly in the early years. Unsure and uncertain. But, I had good role models in my parents who kept on trying regardless of what obstacles were in their way. They did not teach self confidence as much as they taught perseverance. That is how I learned not to be afraid to try. I think what we need people to be is self assured and not afraid to try. It is tougher now with all the social media critics, but sometimes, we just need to block out all the noise, including the nay-sayers and give things a try. We may still fail, but if we never try, we will definitely fail.

    1. I can totally relate as I too had faced low self esteem during my school days..Thankfully I has amazing people around who helped me gain my confidence.. Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. In all honesty…

    Self-esteem has no benefit on anything to do with improvement. It has never lowered the use of alcohol, has never reduced the incidence of violence, has never granted the person higher grades, and has no affect at all especially on the quality of one’s success.

    Image, or rather, “self-image” is only ever equivalent to arrogance. The people in the world with the highest self-esteem have been dictators and sociopaths. Very aggressive, violent, and psychopathic people all smile when undergoing the deeds that makes them cruel and terrible.

    On the other end, the most selfless of people will never smile. They are saddened by what they see, and what they notice. They are miserable people, because they are so much attuned with another’s suffering, that though they desire to cure every ounce of it, they find it to be far too much, without collaboration and teamwork.

    This recent obsession with “image” has encouraged the ordinary human to place themselves on a pedestal, to see the world through only their vision, and has made such an ordinary human believe they are indestructible. It has done more harm than good, and has created more division than unity.

    1. Thanks for your honest opinion.. I really appreciate… but, if we start looking that way then we can say even education has no effect on employment or general human behavior.. you can find a well educated person unemployment or committing some crime.. so the point is, we should practice anything that’s positive in some way and it’s up to us on how we carry ourselves..

      1. Love is not meant to be pocketed. It’s meant to be sacrificed, because it is the greatest wealth on this planet, and it’s not meant to be hoarded. It is indeed the greatest of “crimes” as you’ve mentioned that word, and the greatest crime is to hoard something like love, that is always limitless.

        As for “education”, a school won’t teach it. Life will teach it. And education begins at home, where a mother or a father will discipline, instruct, and rule their children with what they’ve learned from their lives.

        A focus on self-esteem does nothing more than to breed fear into the individual, to pocket the love they store for themselves, because they are afraid of losing themselves to another. They are afraid of becoming hurt. They are the weak, and like any blank canvas, they can be painted any color.

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